The Hip & Possible Injuries

Total Hip Replacement
Hip Resurfacing
Revision Hip Replacement

The hip joint is one of the most important joints in the human body. It allows us to walk, run, jump, and many other things. It carries the weight of our bodies and the force of the strong muscles in the hip and leg. Yet, the hip joint is also one of the most flexible joints in the body and allows a greater range of motion than all other joints in the body except for the shoulder.

Hip Injuries

1. Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement (THR) procedure replaces all or part of the hip joint with an artificial device (prosthesis) to eliminate pain and restore joint movement.

2. Hip Resurfacing

Hip Resurfacing or bone conserving procedure replaces the acetabulum (hip socket) and resurfaces the femoral head. This means that the femoral head has some or very little bone removed and replaced with the metal component. This spares the femoral canal. 

3. Revision Hip Replacement

This may be because part or all of your previous hip replacement needs to be revised. This operation varies from very minor adjustments to massive operations replacing significant amounts of bone and hence is difficult to describe in full.