About Us

About The Healing Sanctuary

The Healing Sanctuary is a new kind of health care clinic, a clinic built from the ground up to deliver excellent outcomes-based care. As the U.S. health care system continues to search for answers, The Healing Sanctuary is starting right from day one in the delivery of care as suggested by forward-looking experts.

Our patients want a simple thing: TO BE WELL. True wellbeing is multifaceted; it isn’t just physical wellness, but mental, emotional, spiritual and communal wellness. This is whole-person medicine, recognizing that stress from a family member (communal wellness) or crippling guilt (mental/emotional/spiritual wellness) can be as much a cause or contributor of illness as a virus or infection.

The Clinic provides integrated, integrative, and functional medicine approaches to illness, disease, and pain:

Integrated care is the intentional collaboration of all caregivers for a patient with each other in a treatment team, surrounding a patient with multiple perspectives, providing built-in second and third opinions.
Integrative care is the use of evidence-based treatments from across the spectrum of medical traditions from Western medicine, Eastern medicine, Natural medicine, Mind-Body therapies, and others, preferring the natural first.
Functional care is the purposeful detective work performed to tease out and treat root causes instead of just manifesting symptoms, aiming at reversal and restoration.

Combining these three approaches to health care provides a vastly superior experience over traditional U.S. health care practices, all centered on a unique, customized experience for each and every patient.

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement
The Healing Sanctuary clinic is a collaboration of health care practitioners dedicated to integrating the highest standard of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine, nurturing intrinsic healing in the whole person, body, mind and spirit. It is our mission to serve, empower and partner with our patients and our community on the path to wellness, transformation and wholeness. We will serve as a model for the new paradigm of patient-centered health care dedicated to furthering evidence-based research and education in integrative and functional medicine.

Keys to Success

  • The Clinic practices the principles of integrative and functional medicine, offering the highest standards of excellence in a full and complete array of care modalities.
  • The Clinic’s practitioners both independently and mutually support a collective vision of optimizing the health and healing of the Clinic’s patients, families and community.
  • The Clinic recognizes the sacred and healing nature of the relationships between practitioners and patients.
  • The Clinic is a patient-centered model of health care where patient and practitioners are partners in the effort to develop and implement a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • The Clinic is a physical and energetic healing environment for the health and healing of our patients.
  • The Clinic’s practitioners respect the unique individuality of each person and their innate ability to heal.
  • The Clinic’s practitioners attend to the whole person: body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • The Clinic is committed to providing educational experiences and serves as a resource for all levels of learners including patients, medical students, medical professionals, and the community.
  • The Clinic supports the efforts of its practitioners to continue to develop the integrity and spiritual qualities which are as important as medical knowledge and technical skills to the process of healing.