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Dr. Jeffrey B. Baker, MD

Dr. Jeffrey B. Baker, MD

Chief Medical Officer

I am the owner and founder of The Healing Sanctuary. I have dreamed of doing this for over 10 years and now making a big investment to make it happen.

I help patients with all their health care needs and questions with a more balanced and holistic mind set looking to find the source of the issues instead of just treating the symptoms. I am a continual learner and never seem to quit in helping patients in new and better ways for their health

I am a BYU grad and U of U medical school grad with MD and board certified in OB/GYN as well as integrative medicine and functional medicine. I also use some ayurvedic medicine as well

I love to garden and take care of my yard. I love to travel with my wife and see new places. I love learning and attending new educational conference to make me a better resource for patient healing

I have five children and twelve grandkids. All my children are married but the youngest. My brothers and sister all live in Idaho Falls where I was raised and I am the son of he late Drostan Baker, MD, who worked in Idaho Falls from 1957 till his death from a brain tumor in 1994.

Thanks for trusting us with your health!

Anna Zobell NP-C, MPH

Anna Zobell NP-C, MPH

Family Nurse Practitioner

Hi! I am a Family Nurse Practitioner. One of my favorite things about being an NP is taking the time to teach and also discuss with my patients the various options available to them to help improve their health. I have also been interested in Functional Medicine and Integrative Health for the last few years. I am so excited for the opportunity to work here at the Healing Sanctuary where we have a wider variety of options for people to not only heal from there medical conditions, but also to reach their optimal health! I love that we are able to use a holistic way of helping people with their mind, body, and spiritual health.
When I was in school to become a nurse practitioner, I became very concerned about the many side effects of all of the medications that I was told were the main treatment for many chronic diseases that people have. At the end of each of the chapters about the various medications and side effects, the book would have a small paragraph that would explain that if people could be encouraged to eat healthy foods and superfoods, and get enough exercise, then they wouldn’t have to take those medications. Since then I have been looking for a place where I could truly help people PREVENT the chronic diseases, and hopefully use the least amount of medication possible. I am looking forward to help people heal their own bodies with natural ways and nutrition, as well as helping people become so healthy that they are able to get off of the medications they were prescribed previously.
After I got my RN degree from Ricks College, I served a mission in El Salvador where I was the mission nurse. Then I got a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) at BYU because I was always interested in how to help people change their own health behaviors to live a healthier life. After that, we moved to Idaho and I felt “called” to become a nurse practitioner and went through the ISU program for my second master’s degree.

I grew up in Oregon, so I am in Idaho transplant! My husband and I love it here and we want to stay! We are blessed to have two beautiful girls (a busy toddler and a baby). In my “free time” I love NAPS! 🙂 I also love girl’s night’s out, being in the outdoors, traveling to the Oregon Coast and exploring other new places. I love multitasking and listening to audiobooks. I try to practice what I preach with healthy eating, exercise daily, personal development audios, and meditation. Of course I am nowhere near perfect in any of these areas, but I am trying! I love finding new healthy and easy recipes!